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Lebu, Chile


Map of Chile

Chile has received much praise for its economic development and educational achievement, with the nation on the verge of obtaining developed economy status. Despite this, there are significant portions of the country’s population that have not benefited from these improvements. This is particularly true of Chile’s indigenous peoples, who risk the most to keep up with a rapidly advancing marketplace.

Lebu, Bio-Bio Region

Chile’s “City of the Wind,” Lebu is a picturesque fishing town on the southern Atlantic coast. Founded in 1862, it is a town brimming with talent among its indigenous population. Many families were devastated by the earthquake of 2010 and forced to relocate to towns further inland, and those who remained are still rebuilding and struggling to obtain support and opportunity from the Chilean government. These enterprising participants are whom we seek to empower, as they fight to preserve their culture and protect their futures.


SKI Charities launched our microfinance institute in Lebu on December 2012. There are several individuals selected for the program and engaging in a variety of small enterprises, focused on the indigenous American population that resides in Lebu. We offer our participants access to a system that will give them opportunities to compete fully in their nation’s growth, while maintaining their ways of life.


Our Local Life Survey program began in Lebu on June 2014. This space features samples of indigenous artists’ representations of their culture and history.

Any party interested in purchasing artwork is encouraged to contact us for details. All proceeds go to the artist.