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Get Involved

Extreme poverty affects more than 1.29 billion people, the majority of whom are children. Poverty often implies oppressive living conditions, increased susceptibility to disease and stifled opportunity. Without a helping hand, escaping poverty is not an option for most people. The ever-widening gap between the rich and the poor and the geopolitical turmoil of the recent years emphasizes how vital it is for each of us to play a role in helping improve grassroots conditions for those who suffer from a lack of opportunity.

SKI Charities has designed its projects to focus on the individuals forgotten by global finance, specifically at-risk women and girls who are least likely to receive the support needed to take control of their future. We invite you to help us achieve our mission through three sustainable programs: SKIMFI, SKIPGO and SKILLS. Your involvement with SKI Charities brings engagement, opportunity and hope to those most in need in parts of the world where no similar initiative exists.

SKI Charities influences the lives of hundreds of families and their communities. We work in locations that have few other resources available to them, charitable or otherwise. Contributing to SKI Charities will allow you to touch the lives of people who are underserved and underrepresented by authorities and larger-scale organizations, giving you the chance to play a crucial and unique role in empowering the economically excluded.

Your donation of…

$25 sends a SKIPGO scholar on a class field trip.

$50 covers a SKIPGO scholar’s sports elective fees.

$100 provides funding to a SKILLS beneficiary.

$150 gives a SKIPGO scholar one month of transportation to and from school.

$200 provides a microloan to a SKIMFI entrepreneur.