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SKI Program for Girls’ Opportunity

There are many determined, talented girls in the developing world who are in need of encouragement and financial resources to better their futures. The SKI Program for Girls’ Opportunity (SKIPGO) is a scholarship program for girls who demonstrate motivation and promise. The SKIPGO team identifies committed families from low-income communities and works closely with them to maximize the educational potential of their daughters.

SKIPGO is currently active in Mutare, Zimbabwe.


Far too often girls wait hopelessly for educational support from what little remains after other family priorities have been addressed. These are the girls who participate in the SKIPGO program, selected by our local team through a series of references and family interviews. Once the girls have been accepted into the program, the girls and their families are expected to meet the high standards that SKIPGO sets for them. Through the SKIPGO process, they are given the backing and encouragement that they need to help reach their potential.

The selective and tailored SKIPGO program accepts an average of 5 new girls between the ages of 4 and 5 into the program each year. The number of enrolled girls varies depending on the selection process. The team then follows the enrolled girls through their education, providing them with continual assistance.


Our students are able to earn a competitive education through the generosity of our contributors. This allows SKIPGO to provide the pupils with tuition, books, uniforms and transportation to the very best local schools. Once the girls are enrolled, our team monitors their progress with teacher reviews, parent conferences and home visits, standing by the students every step of the way.

As SKIPGO scholars continue to succeed in their studies, we hope to support them through secondary education.

2012 Scholars

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