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Other Resources


Ansante Africa addresses the educational challenges of young people in Kenya and Tanzania, providing them with access to schooling and support beyond the classroom.

Girl Effect is a global movement that works to empower adolescent girls and help them rise out of poverty.

Invisible Children works to protect African communities from LRA conflict and invests in education and economic recovery for children and families who have been affected by the violence.

Malini Foundation operates a children’s home in Sri Lanka and works with local schools and organizations to invest in girls’ education and women’s empowerment.

Wadah Foundation, based in Jakarta, works to empower impoverished mothers and children through health, education and community development.

Empower Women

Equality Now works globally through grassroots activism and legal advocacy to gain equal human rights for women and girls.

Promundo, based in Brazil, works with men and women, boys and girls, to promote gender equality, end violence against women and to transform gender norms.

Raising Voices works in Uganda to prevent violence against women and children and to restructure the traditional power dynamics between men and women.

Shining Hope for Communities works in Kibera, a Nairobi slum, to improve women and girls’ lives through education, community service and health initiatives.

VDAY, the organization behind The Vagina Monologues, is a global movement that works to end violence against women and girls.

WAVE (Women Against Violence Europe) works to create standards that protect women from gender-based violence.

Fair Trade

Hand Crafting Justice provides a market for fair trade, handmade goods from female craftspeople, artists and designers in the developing world.

Maiden Nation invests in female entrepreneurs’ creations and designs.

Mandalay Spring offers handcrafted products from women of Myanmar.

Owl and Thistle General Store is a Brooklyn-based store that offers fair-trade, sustainable goods from around the globe.

Disaster Relief & Healthcare

End 7 is working to end seven pervasive diseases by 2020.

Hands for Africa works to support victims in Sierra Leone who have been maimed by machetes and explosive devices.

Mercy Corps works to prioritize the urgent needs of citizens in countries that are facing immediate national turmoil.

World Vision sponsors children in the world’s poorest countries to provide them with necessities to build a better life.

Village Health Works brings medical and public health aid to the people of Kigutu, Burundi.